ADS Industrial Digitalization mission

Digital transformation, in an unpredictable and constantly changing world, has become a decisive means to increase performance, improve communication, sharing and reuse of data and information.

Our ADS team resolutely focused on innovation and whose customer-centric approach helps you navigate the digital landscape, employ operations solutions that integrate process, workflow and asset data, to increase the performance of your industrial units.

With specific business and engineering knowledge and real-life project and asset experience, we implement fit-for-purpose digital strategies.

Using a digital technology and processes know-how. we’ll help for smart factory/production asset and/or Value chain by providing end to end digital and automated solutions for asset operation Lifecycle, serving all stockholders (Production, Maintenance, Supply chain, Management and strategy).

The human aspect and culture are fundamental pillars of the digital transformation success; ADS focus on change management while introducing new digital ways of working.

Industrial Digitalization Services Portfolio

Digital and smart asset strategy

ADS develop digitalization strategy aligned with business objectives and strategy in terms of agility, flexibility, cost optimization and operational excellence. The strategy is translated to road map which drive the right digital solution implementation and integration, across the project lifecycle from concept to operation and sustainability.

Integrated Solution Architect

ADS offer the renowned expertise on moving beyond isolated solutions by digitalization solution architect; this is assure centralized data base for big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable data-based decisions making. Working together with both specialized partners and our clients’ experts, we develop analytic and AI solutions that sustainably increase the profitability of businesses.

End to end Process workflow Digitalization & Automation

ADS assess and map as-is business process workflow including the relevant issues, metrics, constraints and potential opportunities; and design to-be business process by leveraging mature digital technologies and innovations. The objective is to drive the process workflow by business KPIs. And Identify digital breaks and potential use case of advanced analytics to unlock hidden value.

Design & Implementation Support

ADS translate the strategy and digitalization road map into full solutions definition and support for implementations phases; this is to guaranty the integrated solution and acceptance principals, as well as to assure and meet the success criteria.

Digital Technology Consulting

ADS provide expertise to support its partners on digital solution evaluation according to functional fitment with business and project objectives

Industrial digitalization foundation and pillars for digital smart Asset

Digital Smart Asset

Advanced automation

Physical and software solutions which execute algorithms based on the artificial intelligence to perform activities and work autonomously or collaborate with humans.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics generates insights from pools of structured and unstructured data, to provide valuable information to support decisions.

Digital services

Dematerialize the end-to-end processes to eliminate anything that does not bring value,
Combination of networks, devices and software allows interaction and services from everywhere.

Integration and ecosystems collaboration

Broad range of software and services add specific value by providing open platform to external ecosystem for remote services in order to integrate Sourcing, Data Exchange and share.


Network Infrastructure

Smart Sensors and IIoT


Digital Twin